Advent of Code


--- Day 14: One-Time Pad ---

In order to communicate securely with Santa while you're on this mission, you've been using a one-time pad that you generate using a pre-agreed algorithm. Unfortunately, you've run out of keys in your one-time pad, and so you need to generate some more.

To generate keys, you first get a stream of random data by taking the MD5 of a pre-arranged salt (your puzzle input) and an increasing integer index (starting with 0, and represented in decimal); the resulting MD5 hash should be represented as a string of lowercase hexadecimal digits.

However, not all of these MD5 hashes are keys, and you need 64 new keys for your one-time pad. A hash is a key only if:

Considering future hashes for five-of-a-kind sequences does not cause those hashes to be skipped; instead, regardless of whether the current hash is a key, always resume testing for keys starting with the very next hash.

For example, if the pre-arranged salt is abc:

So, using our example salt of abc, index 22728 produces the 64th key.

Given the actual salt in your puzzle input, what index produces your 64th one-time pad key?

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