Advent of Code


--- Day 21: Scrambled Letters and Hash ---

The computer system you're breaking into uses a weird scrambling function to store its passwords. It shouldn't be much trouble to create your own scrambled password so you can add it to the system; you just have to implement the scrambler.

The scrambling function is a series of operations (the exact list is provided in your puzzle input). Starting with the password to be scrambled, apply each operation in succession to the string. The individual operations behave as follows:

For example, suppose you start with abcde and perform the following operations:

After these steps, the resulting scrambled password is decab.

Now, you just need to generate a new scrambled password and you can access the system. Given the list of scrambling operations in your puzzle input, what is the result of scrambling abcdefgh?

To play, please identify yourself via one of these services:

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