Advent of Code


--- Day 2: Dive! ---

Now, you need to figure out how to pilot this thing.

It seems like the submarine can take a series of commands like forward 1, down 2, or up 3:

Note that since you're on a submarine, down and up affect your depth, and so they have the opposite result of what you might expect.

The submarine seems to already have a planned course (your puzzle input). You should probably figure out where it's going. For example:

forward 5
down 5
forward 8
up 3
down 8
forward 2

Your horizontal position and depth both start at 0. The steps above would then modify them as follows:

After following these instructions, you would have a horizontal position of 15 and a depth of 10. (Multiplying these together produces 150.)

Calculate the horizontal position and depth you would have after following the planned course. What do you get if you multiply your final horizontal position by your final depth?

To play, please identify yourself via one of these services:

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