Advent of Code


--- Day 15: Rambunctious Recitation ---

You catch the airport shuttle and try to book a new flight to your vacation island. Due to the storm, all direct flights have been cancelled, but a route is available to get around the storm. You take it.

While you wait for your flight, you decide to check in with the Elves back at the North Pole. They're playing a memory game and are ever so excited to explain the rules!

In this game, the players take turns saying numbers. They begin by taking turns reading from a list of starting numbers (your puzzle input). Then, each turn consists of considering the most recently spoken number:

So, after the starting numbers, each turn results in that player speaking aloud either 0 (if the last number is new) or an age (if the last number is a repeat).

For example, suppose the starting numbers are 0,3,6:

(The game ends when the Elves get sick of playing or dinner is ready, whichever comes first.)

Their question for you is: what will be the 2020th number spoken? In the example above, the 2020th number spoken will be 436.

Here are a few more examples:

Given your starting numbers, what will be the 2020th number spoken?

To play, please identify yourself via one of these services:

[GitHub] [Google] [Twitter] [Reddit] - [How Does Auth Work?]